Death Prior to Retirement

Upon the death of any Member before retirement, the designated Survivor of such member may elect one of the following:

Refund Request for Deceased Member:

The Designated Survivor may elect to withdraw the dues paid into the Retirement Fund by the deceased member plus interest at the rate specified by law, in which case the Survivor waives any right to any benefits. If the member dies before vesting, a refund is the only option available for the Designated Survivor. If a Survivor has not been designated, the Estate may request the refund.

Survivor Benefit:

If designated by the JPCRF Member before death, the Survivor may receive the benefit under the option that the Member chose before retirement. The Survivor pension will be effective based on the Pre-retirement option choice designated before the Member's passing. If the deceased member is married at the time of death and did not submit a Pre-retirement Option Choice Form, the surviving SPOUSE is entitled to a retirement benefit equal to the Option 1 Benefit. (See Pre-Retirement Survivor Designation for more information). If a Survivor has not been designated and the member is not married, the Estate may request the refund.