Pre-Retirement Survivor Designation

It is imperative that you understand your options should you pass away before retirement.

The JPC Retirement Fund offers their members the ability to designate a recipient for survivor benefits should they pass away prior to retirement. In all cases, the survivor benefits will commence at the time the Judge would have been 60 years old. This designation is in place only prior to retirement and may be changed up to retirement. Should a member not choose an option and/or designate a survivor, the fund will assume Option 1 (available only to the member's spouse). If no spouse is available to receive the benefit, their estate is entitled to a Refund of Dues.

Option 1: 50% Joint Life for Spouse at age 60

Should a member pass away prior to retirement without designating the 100% Joint Life benefit, the GA code section provides the SPOUSE of those members who die before retirement 50% of the maximum benefit provided by law. Such benefits will become effective upon the spouse reaching age 60.

Option 2: 100% Joint Life for Spouse -or- Survivor – No Age Restriction for Recipient

The Fund allows members to designate a SPOUSE -OR- SURVIVOR to receive a benefit until the designated individual’s passing. Under this option, the designated survivor will receive a monthly benefit equal to the actuarially reduced 100% Joint Life amount that the judge would have received at retirement. This is determined by the judge’s age and the designated recipient’s age at the time of the judge’s death. Under this option, the designated recipient does NOT have to reach age 60 to begin receiving benefits. Should a married judge choose to designate a survivor who is not their spouse, the spouse must consent by written agreement with notarized signature.

Definition: Designated Survivor - The designated survivor shall be a person with whom the member has a familial relationship through blood, marriage or adoption.

To designate or update your survivor information, please complete and submit the Pre-Retirement Option Choice Form . Please understand that this designation is in place only prior to retirement and may be changed up to retirement.